Jay Johnson

Jay is the founder of, and current director and instructor for, Dynamic Training & Consulting, LLC. Jay is currently a sergeant assigned to lead Patrol Team Alpha at the Gillette Police Department.  Jay holds a Professional Peace Officer Certification through the State of Wyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.). Jay is a certified field training officer, former Glock armorer and has been a certified firearms instructor through various organizations. Jay is a certified firearms and tactics practitioner / lecturer from Wyoming P.O.S.T. Jay has completed and instructed thousands of hours of firearms training, tactical based instruction as well as school and workplace violence preparation to recruit officers, veteran officers and civilians. Jay has received praise and excellent feedback regarding the training he has provided to law enforcement, medical personnel, school staff and other civilians regarding how to prepare for and respond to violence. Jay has developed, and assisted in the development of, several firearms and tactical training plans, firearms qualifications, force-on-force stress inoculation courses, as well as school and workplace safety plans to include an armed educator policy for the Campbell County School District. Jay is currently a sniper / observer for the Gillette Police Tactical Team and also operates as an entry operator and assistant team leader.  Jay has served as a patrol officer, general detective, patrol team corporal and the supervising corporal of the school resource officer program at the Gillette Police Department. Jay has attended approximately 100 hours of instruction in Urban Combat and Advanced Observer Marksman tactics from Doug Pechtel who is the Founder and President of Countermeasures Tactical Institute, Inc., former member of the U.S. Army’s DELTA FORCE and was a Sergeant Major for the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Utah Army National Guard, U.S. Army.
Jay served in the U.S. Air Force from September 2000-September 2004. Jay was stationed and deployed in many areas of the world, which allowed him to learn a variety of military practices as well as experience and interact with many different cultures. Jay has well over 1,450 certified P.O.S.T. hours and holds an A.S. in Criminal Justice.
Jay has spent several years learning about the effects of fear and stress on the human body, studying terrorism and threats to American schools, as well as active shooters (killers) and violence in the workplace, school and domestic environments. Jay has attended multiple courses from leading experts regarding these topics. A sample includes: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman: Author, friend and the world’s definitive expert on violence and killing; John Giduck: Author and American expert regarding the Beslan School massacre in Russia 2004, Russian special operations models and tactics as well as mass hostage incidents; Ebrahim Ashabi: Expert on, and author of, The Evolution of Radical Islam; Morty Dzikansky: Retired NYPD Detective who was assigned as a liaison in Israel after 9-11-2001 to respond to, and analyze the response of, all terror attacks in Israel; Dr. Mauricio Lynn: Trauma surgeon at Ryder Trauma Center, and the head of Mass Casualty Preparedness and Response, both at the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Dry Lynn is a retired Lt. Col. From the Israeli Defense Forces and has traveled the globe in response to mass casualty incidents; Deputy Steve Haley: Former Major in the U.S.M.C., S.W.A.T. operator and instructor; many others not mentioned.

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