Preparing for violence in the workplace, school and domestic environments


September 19, 2014 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Wy S.R.C., Casper, Wyoming

Preparing for violence in the workplace, school and domestic environments

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This live speaking event is essential for all citizens.  You will find yourself shocked by the internal and external threats society faces.  We bring to light the facts regarding “active shooters” (active killers) in the workplace, school and domestic environments.  You will realize the cause and effect relationship of youth, violent visual imagery, modern day tragedies and why these problems have accelerated at unprecedented rates.  We will discuss the truths about these threats without the biased influence of the media, social beliefs and political correctness.

You will find yourself in shock over the ever-growing external terroristic threat and grasp the reality of why this threat is becoming increasingly internal.  This analysis is not based on opinion, rather historical and modern facts as well as clearly stated (but never reported) agendas by these murderers.  Learn about other major world events, how they will affect us (to include our schools) and how we can deter, detect and defeat this problem.

After developing a realistic understanding of the problem, we will focus on how to defend against these killers, without slipping into the counterproductive state of paranoia.  Learn how you must react if you find yourself in a position with an active shooter (active killer) within your workplace, school or domestic area.  We will draw parallels with school, workplace, military and law enforcement statistics.  Discover basic lessons learned from our military and law enforcement communities and how this information can help you survive a lethal encounter.

Society has been blinded by active shooters (killers) such as Columbine High School, Virginia Tech., the Aurora movie massacre and the Fort Hood mass killing, just to name a few.  Do not allow yourself, workplace, school, home, family, or your children to be caught in these situations without an understanding of what to expect, and do, to greatly increase the chance of survival.  Our team is passionate in preparing for these threats and has the knowledge to help you and yours!  This is why world renowned expert Ret. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has endorsed Dynamic Training and Consulting, LLC.  Check our calendar of events so you don’t miss the next opportunity to adopt our model: Strength in knowledge.

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Wy S.R.C., Casper, Wyoming

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